Ou's Intro
"il Mols Ene end ol Skie Nouche Sai Vell Elay"

Introduction of the owner of Restent Ou (gxres042) and SliverRiver (slivermoe).

Who am I

Just like you see, I am a normal student who comes from Guangxi, China.

In the angle of others, I have a lot of skills, but actually I am not that much. That is why I set myself as always a noob.

And the important thing: Restent Ou and SliverRiver are just a same person in reality, that is me.

Where I work for

Sliver Complex · Work for myself

LittleSkin Community · Member

14Cloud · Contributor

My favorite

Listen to music: rhythm music (include artcore, hardcore and even speedcore), Chinese songs, traditional English songs and more.

Watching videos: IT, Minecraft, cooking, net literature and more.

Playing games: Minecraft, rhythm games (include Arcaea and Phigros).

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